Unified Communications and Its Importance to the Economy

Having a flexible and scalable communication system is one of the challenges facing law firms today, regardless of the size of the firm. As a result, there is a need to innovate and make it efficient for clients to instantly engage and connect with their legal advisors anytime, anywhere.      

Clients expect to instantly connect with their lawyers as they pay a premium price for the legal service. Quality advice and competitive rates are the most crucial factors in this industry. Providing the right customer service will build client’s confidence in the integrity of the firm.  

Expensive Maintenance 

Legacy phone systems are not cost-effective. They require additional lines for additional users, multiple sites or locations. Managing several phone lines, including its maintenance, is costly. 

Limited Functionality 

Upgrading legacy systems to include additional functionality can be costly as, in some instances, additional hardware is required, and the upgrade time can be lengthy. With Unified Communications solutions, this can be as simple as ticking a box to enable the required features.

Managing High Call Volume 

Long call queues and landing on the wrong channel can negatively impact a business. Moreover, dealing with hundreds of calls per day is difficult if calls have not been answered promptly or erroneously routed. 

Limited Connectivity 

Poor connections can delay internal and client communication. It would be frustrating if clients are unable to connect with their legal advisors quickly. This is where Unified Communications can help. Switch Connect can eliminate all the barriers that legacy systems are causing. In addition, investing in business communication that can cut costs simultaneously boosts confidence, efficiency, and productivity, giving your law firm a solid, reliable reputation.  

Getting the right Unified Communications Solution for your law office will help your business get ahead of the competition. Switch Connect improves connectivity by bringing cross border teams closer while providing a solid structure that is cost-efficient, has user-friendly features and functionalities, and with all on a preset monthly cost. 

Aside from these, there are multiple other reasons why legal offices are quickly shifting to Unified Communications:


Many law practitioners have multiple sites and offices in several locations, as having a local presence in the area they serve is essential. A cloud-based solution brings together several locations into one using a singular Unified Communications platform. It acts as an extension of the desk phones, which allow users to receive and make calls anytime, anywhere. With Switch connect, top features are also available on mobile devices, such as voicemail, conference calls, recording, call control, etc. 

Unified Communications for the legal industry ensures the associates’ availability and lines as it is the crucial factor in providing exceptional customer care and service. 

Call Recording  

In the legal industry, information accuracy and security are essential to ensure the success of your firm. Call Recording helps protect your associates as it reduces the risk of liability, which is beneficial to the firm and the client. In addition, with the call recording feature, it is easier to evaluate legal advise, avoid errors, determine proper direction, and maintain team performance. All this help make better decisions relative to the legal concern. 

Voicemail to Email  

Information is most vital when it comes to legal services. Unified Communications for law offices can enable the smooth flow of information with features like voicemail-to-email transcription. Transcribed voicemails can be accessed with a business phone, mobile phone or email. The user-friendly web interface gives users a function to forward voicemails or store them by clicking and dragging them into the desired folder.    

Advanced CRM Integration  

A great way to compile all aspects of client information and communication is through the integration of CRM. However, handling multiple cases and clients at any given time is a considerable challenge. Therefore, it is a more efficient practice to create a communication channel that updates the client’s status, reducing the administrative tasks that can be spent on other pressing tasks. It is essential to improve your firm’s communication to effectively provide the client with a high-grade service and experience. 

Call Routing  

Presence enables the real-time status of associates to allow customers to contact the right person. Having the ability to modify an incoming call route is vital to save time and get organised. The call routing feature can be managed to enable incoming calls t­­o to be forwarded instantly on the different available devices. Additionally, it can seamlessly transfer calls to any device to keep the conversation going whenever and wherever you are.


Smart Unified Communications help legal sectors to become more driven and attract more clients through empowering the firm’s performance, better customer relationships and enhanced availability. Collaborative workspace among associates is essential for law firms to be successful. The ability to share legal data securely among associates is one of the primary reasons why legal firms are shifting towards Unified Communications.  


Ensure your firm’s edge by having Unified Communications solutions. Switch Connect can provide your firm with the tools and systems needed to improve communication and collaboration, ensure customer satisfaction, and reduce cost while enhancing your team’s confidence to serve your clients.

In this high-stakes industry, the ability to communicate is the key to success. Every law office, regardless of size, can benefit from Switch Connect’s technological know-how, and we are here and ready to step up your game without requiring additional expensive equipment. Unified Communications solutions is truly a game-changer.  Talk to us today.    

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