Turn Your Phone Into a Walkie Talkie Using Microsoft Teams

Teamwork just got a lot easier with the walkie-talkie feature in Microsoft Teams. This push-to-talk update transforms workplace communication into a secure and efficient way. Microsoft initially announced this app feature two years ago and today, ultimately fully launching, making it generally available on Android & iOS. 

Traditionally, walkie-talkies are two-way radios that allow several people to communicate via radio waves; with Microsoft Teams’ newest feature, you can transform your smartphones into upgraded walkie-talkies. That’s right. Microsoft Teams utilizes our current smartphones to change them into unified phone systems and remove the need to carry bulky radio equipment. Unlike conventional radio devices, The Walkie Talkie app works by connecting you to a Microsoft Team open voice channel, allowing your co-workers to instantly connect and team members to participate with each other using push-to-talk, one at a time. 

Microsoft Teams continuously evolving its functionalities and integrity to reach and provide the demand, whether you are in Retail, Professional, Healthcare, Engineering and other industries; Microsoft Teams truly empower and transform these fields to be more efficient and deliver the utmost in customer satisfaction. 

For example, the manufacturing industry works in a fast-paced environment, when an issue arises the factory floor can get information quickly, connect to the experts needed, and resolve issues faster. Another example to consider is the healthcare industry where every second counts. Urgent messages that require immediate professional help are raised and responded to in real-time while securing confidentially and preventing eavesdropping from outsiders. 

Whether you are a healthcare professional in need of an immediate response, a store associate checking for an item in the inventory, or an essential field services worker, the Walkie Talkie app is the perfect tool to equip frontline workers. 

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