Today is April’s Fools Day!

Did you think Switch Connect will really lower its standards? ​

Switch Connect is fully committed to providing a quality top of the line product and services you can rely on. ​

It was fun to relive the 90’s all over again. But since we got a taste of what a robust internet connection can be, we know there is no going back. ​

And to keep a forward-facing attitude, we will continue to provide state-of-the-art technology like: ​

 Enterprise NBN is equipped to handle enterprise-sized applications.​

• Fibre 1000 can allocate the bandwidth of up to 1Gbps across Switch Connect voice and data or cloud. ​

• Session Board Gateway is our offering of real-time communications networks and services that combine scale, performance, and reliability. ​

• Cloud-Based Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams here, we supply a redefines versatility providing the ability to record, store and analyse interactions in the cloud.​

• We provide Training that is meant for Office 365 users that they can use on a day-to-day basis. ​

• And other products and services. ​

​We will continue to give our partners reliable and cutting-edge technology. This is what connects us; this is what powers Switch Connect.​

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