The Business Applications of VoIP Call Recording 

Whether you a lone operator of your business or you are managing a multinational conglomerate, having comprehensive inbound services for your business is the way to go.  

When you have good inbound services is like putting your best feet forward. It is meant to impress and showcase your business through audible cues that the callers will take notice of how organise your company is.   

It does not only give a good impression, but it also shows how professional and how you put thought into your business.  

For others, it is a hint of how marketing-savvy your company can be, and partnering with you is a good match because they now know you can do more than your craft or business management.  

It will be best to give your callers a first impression that will last, what better way to do that than by having an all-encompassing inbound call service.  

Here Are Six Guides to Inbound Services Made Easy:  

1.  Have a Professionally Made IVR System 

The IVRor Interactive Voice Response is a menu system that you will encounter after the ringing of the phone. IVR will initiate the conversation and enables you to be direct calls to the concerned department and the most capable agent.   

Here your business has the option of recording your own voice or some voice talent or you can use a pre-recorded IVR message, either way, this is the best way to show how professional your company is.  

There is also an option if all the agents are busy, IVR will direct your call to the front of the waiting queue, some will even have the option of having an agent return your call.  

Even better, you can preprogramme the IVR to identify a high-valued client and once they call. Also, you can  direct this call to your best agent. This way you will never lose a high-valued client again.  

2. Geo-routing Solutions   

Part of the inbound call centre solutionsis routing calls to your other nearest business location. This is what Geo-routing (geographical routing) is essentially is. It is an algorithmic tool that directs phone calls to a predetermined geographical location of the caller based on your zip codes or area code.   

Through this way, the response time will be cut and any action that needs fixing will undergo repair.  This works better if you have multiple offices in different locations or your company have different franchises in the same area.  

3.  SIP Termination  

It could be frustrating when contacting an inbound call service, have a long-convoluted conversation with an agent, but you do not know what is the update of your request for. Well, with SIP Termination it is a thing of the past.   

SIP Termination will use VoIP technology for making outgoing voice calls to external phone network anywhere in the world, this is both applicable to Public Switch Telephone Network and mobile phone numbers. 

4. Time-of-Day Routing

Have the capability to receive calls any time of the day. Some inbound contact centre solutions have a time-of-day routing that allows a caller to dial a local or toll-free number. With this it can automatically route calls to another locations. This feature can direct calls depending on the time of the day the call was made.   

This is ideal for multi-national conglomerates that have call centres that they put up elsewhere in the world.   

5. Failover and Redundancy Routing  

Most telecommunications networks are fully dependent on power grip to be operational. However, when disaster comes they will all cease to function. In case this happen, your business should have a failover and redundancy routing. Which simply means there is a dual power supply.   

This way your business will still be on the network even during a regional disaster.   

6. Missed Call Notifications  

Have the ability to capture details of missed calls with an automatic email. With missed call notificationwe will receive an email that contains pertinent information. These includes the caller’s information, date and time called, number and channel information.   This will give your clients the notion that you have them in your thoughts and every call is important.   


This is applicable to startup businesses and big companies, alike. For companies with inbound call centre already, you do not want to miss the chance of having comprehensive inbound services.  This services can make small business a sense that the company is larger than it is actually is.    Moreover, in the book The Art of War, “Sun Tzu said: The control of a large force is the same principle as the control of a few men: it is merely a question of dividing up their numbers.” This norm can apply to inbound services, too.  

If there are only a few people in your company, it is easy to configure IVR prompts. That will allow callers to talk to sales, technical support or marketing. All it takes it so route a certain call to the correct person or department. Hence, you will never miss a call again.   This and more are the features your inbound call centre  needs. This is all what it takes to have a lasting impression and show how professional your company is.  


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