Switch Connect Launches Secure SIP as Standard on all Hosted PBX Services

Today Switch Connect is pleased to announce that Secure SIP is now standard on all Cloud PBX services.
With the rise of network security and VOIP hacking attacks being reported Switch Connect has identified there is a gap in most Cloud PBX providers when the SIP between the clients’ premise and the Cloud is run over unsecured over the Public Internet and subject to attack.
With Secure SIP as standard, you can now rest assured that your voice is fully secured between your Endpoint and Switch Connects Cloud Platform. This gives peace of mind to all our partners and customers that they know their voice communications are secure wherever they are in the world.
With the shutdown of the PSTN and ISDN networks over the next few years it is a great time for MSPs and  Services Providers to assist their customers to deliver a migration path to SIP Based communications that are Secure end to end and fully redundant.

What is Secure SIP

Switch Connect Launches Secure SIP as Standard on all Hosted PBX Services

There are two main components of securing SIP services and not all providers deliver security to the same standard. Switch Connect believes that security should be delivered end-to-end and encapsulate not only Call Setup which is what many providers deliver, but also believe that the Call Audio component should also be secured to ensure that only you and the person you called can hear your call.

Below is a summary of the technology utilised:

  • TLS: allows for secure encrypted transmission of SIP for deployments that require increased security by encrypting the SIP messaging between you and us.
  • SRTP (Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol or Secure RTP): SRTP encrypts or “codes” the voice data making it impossible to decipher the conversation except for the person who has the decoding “key”, or the person to whom the call is being made.

For partners who are looking for a Secure Globally redundant Cloud PBX provider who can deliver them one of the markets leading UCaaS offerings, contact us today and start the conversation on how simple and easy it is to add a secure voice to your product portfolio.

Who is Switch Connect

Founded in 2015, Switch Connect specialises in unified communications, with solutions spanning hosted PBX, SIP trunking, and data networks. Other key offerings include collaboration, connectivity, and business continuity technologies, delivered through a wholesale and channel model.

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