Connected Cities
Cities are the hubs that drive a nation’s progress. The next big revolution will happen by getting cities and their residents fully connected.
Currently, 54% of the world’s population are in the major cities of their countries, and this number is expected to rise to 66% by 2050. That’s an additional 2.5 billion people fighting over already dwindling resources. However, there is a solution. Smart Cities, the much-awaited city of tomorrow. By restructuring the existing city’s technology infrastructure, these Smart Cities aim to optimize resources and encourage sustainable development, enabling Smart City dwellers to live a sustainable and comfortable life.
It all starts with Information and Communication Technology. This is where your enterprise comes in.
Managed NOC Solutions
Designed to function as an extension of your business’ IT infrastructure, our Managed NOC Solutions allow you to focus on your core competencies.
Business enterprises can optimize the opportunities arising from Smart City development. With data gathering and delivery at the core of these emerging developments, you can leverage your expertise and achieve pole position to provide services.
As your NOC providers, your business organization will receive our full suite of services without having to invest in your own Network Operations Center. We can provide all server and service monitoring including detection, isolation, and resolution of network issues to prevent negative impact on service delivery. With our track record of 99.9% SLA delivery, your business will benefit from consistent, around-the-clock uninterrupted network service, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.
Smart City Operational Monetisation
Technology and innovation are the key factors for Smart City development, and with it comes great challenges and even greater growth opportunities for your business.
In this era of unprecedented technological innovation, the demand for greater capabilities from APIs, AIs, and other adjunct technology is a tight, saturated competition. Global investments in Smart Cities exceeded $80 billion in 2018, and experts project almost double that at $158 billion by 2022.
No matter your business, there exists an opportunity for technology-based companies to capitalize on. Let us give you a tip: 5G connectivity is anticipated to be a top accelerator for Smart City services; with its extremely high speeds and low latency essential to power the city of tomorrow. With our ICT capabilities, we can explore ways to leverage your expertise in this exciting development.
Consulting and Design Services
While the Smart City concept is exciting and promising, there are a range of factors to consider in order to become an effective Smart City service provider. We can assist you in navigating these intricacies.
Allow us to offer you our top-of-the-line consultation services to assist you in facing and solving the complexities that come with being an enterprise at the center of a technological and digital boom. Streamline your operations and effectively troubleshoot internal issues with help from our data-based solutions that are catered to your organization’s infrastructure. Internal operations do not have to be drab, manual, and needlessly complicated. With our design services, you can maximize productivity with the use of our simple, yet effective designs that will make the instruments of your business easy to apply and organize.
IoT Solutions
Connectivity is the backbone of Smart Cities, but the Internet of Things (IoT) is the full-on showcase. This is the part that Smart City residents and visitors alike are amazed by.
The Internet of Things or IoT may sound like technical jargon to a lot of people, but it is in the here and now, used unknowingly and barely recognized. To enable better services, companies are maximizing IoT capabilities in their products, be it in smart devices, medical products, or anything where an IP address may be assigned to or that can transfer data over a network.
As technology innovators and systems providers, we are able to provide your business with flexible and intuitive IoT solutions. Our group of network and software engineers and developers is constantly developing and enhancing product offerings to maximize technology investments. Let us give your business the advantage of having top-grade IoT offerings.
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© Switch Connect PTY LTD 2022. All rights reserved.