Cloud Connectivity plays a vital role in your business. Leverage our cloud expertise and technology innovation to guarantee your business’ profitability.
Many of today’s business workforces have shifted to remote setups. With a geographically diverse team, businesses have turned to cloud computing to provide their workers with unfettered access to information and data required in the performance of their tasks. However, cloud computing as a service varies from one to the next.
We have taken Cloud Connectivity to a whole new level with top workplace solutions, technology innovations, and scalable systems that can cloud-enable your organization to maximize usage.
Let us take you to the Clouds.
Managed Security Services
End-to-end security infrastructure and operations management to keep your business safe and compliant.
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Your organization’s data is your most precious asset. Most decisions that could affect your business are made based on your data. As a service provider, your clients’ information should be protected at all times as well. Failure to do so, even with the smallest breach, is indicative of your business being open to all sorts of fraud. Loss of clients’ confidence directly translates to loss of business.
Let us provide you and your business with the best security recommendations based on your existing infrastructure. This will guarantee seamless integration that ensures business operations are uninterrupted.
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Network Infrastructure Management
Stability is key in maintaining your enterprise’s network infrastructure to ensure smooth business operations.
Regardless of the size of your business, your operations mostly rely on the proper functioning of your network. Ensuring network integrity means minimized downtime when the unforeseen happens and that productivity remains consistent.
What we offer is true connectivity: quick access to information and data to effect informed decision-making. Having control over network accessibility for equitable distribution of network resources gives you scalability. With our innovative Converged Multiservice Aggregation system, we enable you and your business to be connected to the internet, whenever, wherever, at all times.
Converged Multiservice Aggregation
A new aggregation and transport network are required to complete the journey and make broadband-for-all a reality. Service-aware traffic steering and IP Optical integration complete the package.
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Speed truly is of the essence in matters of connectivity. Without it, even the best-managed network infrastructure or the most robust security features for your top-of-the-line upgraded system platform is moot.
What we offer for your enterprise encompasses what it takes to be truly connected. Connectivity is being able to access information and data so you can make instantaneous decisions that ultimately impact your business. Connectivity is having control over network accessibility to effectively distribute network resources to team members that are geographically dispersed, when they need it. This ability comes into play especially in big data management where computational complexities of operations determine productivity. With our innovative Converged Multiservice Aggregation system, we enable you and your business to be connected to the internet, whenever, wherever, at all times.
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5G network
5G and Broadband xHaul
We provide the advanced IP transport capabilities required for 5G xHaul.
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5G xHaul furthers our capability to enable full connectivity functionality for our business client’s customers. With converged optical and wireless network solutions, we can enable your enterprise to connect to the core network. Depending on the user’s locality, we offer 5G xHaul solutions capable of smart and interactive network resources allocation that intuitively predicts hotspots.
Multi-access Edge Aggregation
We operate across IP-Optical layers for optimal network resources utilization, efficient delivery of services SLA, service availability, and improved OPEX.
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Optimizing Edge computing maximizes use of cloud connectivity. Having optimal cloud connectivity alongside the ability to properly leverage Edge aggregation enables individual users to have an ‘edge’ in terms of faster access to localized data. If your enterprise requires Edge aggregation for productivity leveraging, we can help you with the assessment, recommendation, and deployment of quantifiably the best effective Edge solutions.
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Managed WAN
Rounding out our full-service menu is our Wide-Area Network Management capability that offers utmost efficiency with cost saving as its best feature.
As a full complement, Managed WAN effectively takes the load off from business owners and managers of having to look after their network, connectivity, systems, and other computing frameworks’ vital functions.
Our team of enterprise-level network engineers and managers takes over the responsibility of your network’s moment-by-moment monitoring, reporting, screening, and other highly-scalable requirements. These can include proactive troubleshooting and resolution, SLA management, granular monitoring and reporting, software configuration and updating, and general lifecycle management. WAN Management service enables you to focus on your core business without having to stress over microdetails.
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