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In a rapidly evolving world, digital transformation is a key enabler in effectively modernizing and streamlining business operations. A focal point in digital transformation is the increasing adoption of Cloud Communications. Companies are expanding their utilization of cloud computing for telecommunications, applications, switching, and storage.
Consider the numbers: experts predict that the public cloud infrastructure market will grow to 35% over the course of 2021 with a value of $120 billion. This is projected to grow to $500 billion by 2023. Since migrating to the cloud, 94% of businesses have reported increased online security. This year alone, 30% of companies have increased their IT spending in cloud computing, security and risk management, network, and mobility. IT professionals have declared that platform and service flexibility are among the top benefits of adapting multi-cloud platforms utilization, with disaster recovery, information access and management, and content delivery applications the top priorities for most businesses.
Unified Communications
To be an effective product or service provider, businesses must adopt Unified Communications systems because it does wonders for operational effectiveness and efficiency.
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To regain lost market footholds, businesses need to work with the right tools. Having a proper unified communications system becomes crucial as it provides a centralized space for all communications to happen.
Ultimately, what Unified Communications does is enhance the customer experience, which should be central to any modern business model. Regardless of industry, Unified Communications allows employees to engage in efficient communication and have convenient access to files and documents needed to perform their job.
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Microsoft Teams Calling
The advent of mobile devices improved our connectivity with the world around us. The Internet boosted this connectivity.
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Imagine receiving a call from your client on the office phone that has been routed to your laptop as you are working from home. You then initiate a video call with the rest of your team, and they make a presentation. The client wants to change some things, so you do that as the file is shared across the board. Afterwards, your team goes back to their work, and you and the client discuss some more. You are able to transfer the call to your mobile device, managing to converse with the client as you go about your other tasks. Imagine being able to do that without skipping a beat.
You don’t need to imagine any more because that’s exactly what Microsoft Teams is doing. Aside from being a high-performance collaboration tool with chat, video conferencing, and file sharing capabilities, Microsoft Teams is able to route calls to you wherever you may be as long as you have an internet connection. These are just some of the advantages of using Microsoft Teams. Read on to know how Microsoft Teams’ feature-rich calling capabilities can benefit your business.
Conversation and Sentiment Analytics
Knowing is half the battle, and it is in this context that our Conversation and Sentiments Analytics will put you ‘in the know’.
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Businesses aim to create a personal relationship with their customers. That is why businesses go to great lengths to get to know their customers better and deliver on their expectations. Over the years, various means have been tried to effect this, to little avail.
Switch Connect’s Conversation and Sentiments Analytics solution is AI-driven with the best technology innovations behind it. With this service, you can gain insight on the attitudes of your customers about products and services and apply those insights to improve and personalize customer relations.
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SIP phone
SIP Trunking
Connect your VoIP-compatible onsite phone system and save on online rentals and calls.
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Distributed enterprises can simplify, streamline, and reduce the costs of managing voice services across multiple locations using Enterprise SIP from Switch Connect.
This innovative and award-winning service enables you to use the power of a centralized IPPBX at your headquarters or other primary location and deliver Voice over IP to other company locations using an existing private network or the Switch Connect MPLS IP-VPN Service.
Select from a full range of fiber and Ethernet access options for your Enterprise SIP connections at primary locations and eliminate the costs of managing and maintaining separate voice lines and equipment to serve other locations.
Information and data gathering lead to abundant and valuable input.
Business intelligence and data analytics have seen massive growth in the enterprise software landscape. Businesses today continue to adopt digital transformation in order to streamline operations and apply data towards the improvement of products and services.
We have worked with companies big and small and know exactly what it takes to use your business data to positively impact your business growth.
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Conversion & Sentiment Analytics
Conversation and Sentiments Analytics will open a floodgate of data—information that without the proper tools are next to indecipherable. Our Conversation and Sentiments Analytics platforms are AI-powered to best interpret data for use by business owners and managers.
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Microsoft Team Calling

With Microsoft Teams Calling, leverage Switch Connect’s best rates and superior product offerings to unlock Microsoft Teams Phone System’s full potential. We hold the pole position in providing your business with optimal setup without compromising cost over quality.

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SIP Trunking Services
SIP Trunking Services from Switch Connect has won numerous awards for the added value it gives businesses. Imagine streamlining and reducing costs of managing voice services—even across various locations! You don’t have to imagine—we can do it for you!
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Unified Communications
Our Unified Communications tools are robust and innovative to increase workforce productivity across the board—even with a geographically diverse team.
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