Microsoft Teams Enhances Its Customers’ Experience

Microsoft Teams Calling is not your typical chat-based collaboration platform; it is far much better than the usual chat app. It addresses many problems encountered in regular office settings. Also, it applies modifications to make your office experience much better.    

Here Are 15 Ways Why Microsoft Teams Can Enhance Their Customers’ Experience:​ 

1. Enhanced Productivity​

If you experience any of these: mail threads, workers away from the office; scheduling office meeting nightmares; nonresponsive task-takers; and laborious tracking and monitoring of goals, you are not working efficiently. These are just a few of the many headaches you go through under the normal office settings, but Microsoft Teams change the game and eliminate all that and more.

2. No Added Cost​

Microsoft Teams pricing is considerate. When you already have the Microsoft 365 license, your basic Microsoft Teams feature will not cost you any more dime. Moreover, unlike its competitors, there is no need to purchase if they do not want extra options.  

3. Instant Update​

Enjoy Real-Time Communication with Microsoft Teams. Get in touch with all your workers instantly and give them an update spontaneously. Indeed, this provides an alert to all, in a group or to anyone in specific, and has the confidence to immediately reach the other side. This eliminates the lag time when the email is sent, and the time it is read by its intended recipients. Further, it has targeted messaging that is efficient and cost-effective.  

4. Tools are at the Ready​

Walk no further from the world’s most-used office software. Since much of the office world revolves around Microsoft Suites Applications worldwide, Microsoft Teams is readily available and downloadable to all the operating systems, whether macOS, Windows, and, yes, even Linux. Thus, its compatibility with any platform is one of its key attributes.  

5. Better Planning Experience​

Planning is essential. With Microsoft Teams Planner, you can tick one of the boxes in your basic functions of management list. After all, as Sir Winston Churchill said: He who fails to plan is planning to fail. Hence, an intelligent way to do this is with the integrated Microsoft Teams Planner, create a task, tag it to someone and monitor any progress at a glance.  

6. Screen Sharing​

This is the ultimate gatekeeper. Manage what you want to share with specific recipients and only give show them the essential information. Also, it has control over the audio of videos you want to share, and ultimately, allows others to operate your device.  

7. Cloud Technology​

Office collaboration just leveled up. With everything now in the cloud, a single document can be revised by anyone involved in a shared task. This technology is a real-time feature that gives everyone a chance to input, voice their opinion, and make the necessary revisions.    

8. SharePoint​

Get hooked. With SharePoint, you can give targeted information outside Microsoft Teams and into its system, so users will do not have to leave the platform. This makes the transfer of other data seamless.​ 

9. User-Friendly​

Things don’t get easier than this. Microsoft Teams is part of Microsoft 365, a suite that includes our much-used office software like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, and others. It is an understatement to say that we have already mastered these applications; in that case, Microsoft Teams will be a breeze.​ 

10. Training Materials Available Online​

Take advantage of the information explosion. Much of the training materials are online. To motivate you to learn, remember the words of Confucius: “I listen, I forget. I see I remember. I do, and I understand.” ​ 

11. Mobility​

Transfer from your phone to your tablet to your laptop with ease. You can even use both devices simultaneously, like check stats on your computer and still communicate using your smartphone. This is all possible with Microsoft Teams. This is not exclusive to those present on the office premises; the same feature can be accessed by co-workers in the field and working remotely from their homes.​ 

12. Re-Enforced Voice Calling Ability​

Be heard by any means, from any device. Microsoft Teams has strengthened its telephony system. This paves the way for desktop, laptops, or mobile devices to typically pick up the calls through traditional landline phones. Hence, this has the potential to reduce the cost of having expensive handsets.​ 

13. Customised Workspace​

Make your personality shine. Accessorise your own Microsoft Team to suit your needs. Certainly, you can get the chance to integrate other applications into your Microsoft Teams. You can customise your workspace and include other social media platforms such as Twitter and others in your Microsoft Teams. Moreover, it also gives you the option of incorporating other cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive or Dropbox.  

14. Helper Bots​

Have a bot for your every need. Got some specific requirements? Well, there is a specific Microsoft Team Assistants Bot that can help you. If you have subordinates and want to send them some compliments, there is a bot for that purpose: Growbot is the go-to bot for that. Need to know the opinion of your staffs? Try Polly; with this, you can conduct and analyse polls or survey your co-workers in Microsoft Teams. Surely, there are more Microsoft Teams Assistant Bot that can suit your needs.  

15. Troubleshoot At Will​

Have some extra helping hands. One other benefit of having screen sharing is the ability to troubleshoot. That is more applicable for new employees who are just not yet acquainted with the software. Moreover, some other co-workers can control the newbie’s computer after it is permitted and do the necessary troubleshooting. This is also a great help with other apps not related to Microsoft Teams. Hence, it is a plus in anyone’s book.  

Ultimately, with all these Microsoft Teams improvements that benefit both the traditional settings and the remote working environment and with a couple of added features, there is no reason why you should miss this chance to integrate Microsoft Teams into your office setup.  

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