Microsoft Teams 2.0: The Best Just Got Better

OK, calm down, calm down.  It’s just the biggest tech development in 2021—Microsoft Teams’ integration into Windows 11! 

No doubt by now you’ve got wind of the latest Microsoft offering, Windows 11. While this is an unexpected announcement (way back 2015, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be the last numbered update), it is a welcome development.   

When the announcement was made, the computing technology space was a buzz with excitement. From software engineers to web developers to everyday PC and laptop users, everybody was filled with excitement and anticipation. And why not? While Windows 10 ushered in some great new features like Cortana and the Action Center as well as the longed-for return of the ‘Start’ menu, Microsoft proponents were eager to see what Windows 11 will bring to the table. One of them is the integration of Microsoft Teams as a full-feature on the latest OS release. 

Introducing Microsoft Teams 2.0 

For some time now, Microsoft Teams has been the go-to tool of choice for chat, videoconferencing and collaboration. With COVID-19 forcing employees to go on remote work setups, Microsoft Teams has become even more invaluable in effecting productivity in businesses—from SMEs to giant Fortune 500 companies.  

Microsoft Teams CVP/CTO Rish Tandon revealed on Twitter recently some of the features of Microsoft Teams 2.0 worth waiting for.

In Windows 10, Microsoft Teams users needed to download the app or use a web-based version. In Windows 11, Microsoft Teams 2.0 will be integrated completely in the OS, making it easily accessible and improving collaboration.  Tandon also said that this version will consume less memory, a bit of good news for users who have mid-tier PCs or laptops where RAM is a major consideration.  

Another welcome feature is that Microsoft Teams 2.0 will allow for multiple accounts, perfect for when a user wants to have a separate account for work and family and friends.  

Messaging Direct Reply – Perhaps one of the best improvements of Microsoft Teams 2.0 is it now enables users in the chat room to reply directly to the specific message. This makes keeping track of conversations much easier, as it would no longer require a time-consuming back-read.  

This new feature works as quoted replies, and all you need to do is click on any message or hover a reply and click on the three-dot menu located at the topmost part of a Teams chat and click ‘Reply’.  

Calling from the Task Bar – No more fumbling around to make a call as Microsoft Teams 2.0 will enable you to start calls directly from the taskbar. Powered by Microsoft Edge WebView, the one-to-one and group audio and video calling feature allows for seamless calling or joining in on conversations and meetings.  

Moreover, Microsoft Teams 2.0 users are able to toggle both microphone and camera on and off and set meeting preference such as speakers, microphones and camera settings. There has also been an update for screen sharing, roster menu of participants, and an ability to admit participants in a meeting and view participants in gallery mode.  

Who’s MICA? 

Not who, but what is Mica? Mica is an opaque and dynamic material that enables a user’s theme and desktop wallpaper to be applied to the background of active windows.  With Microsoft Teams 2.0, Mica had been redesigned with better performance as it is going to be faster than the current Fluent Design acrylic effect.  According to Microsoft, Mica was designed with improved performance and it is generally faster than the company’s  Fluent Design  acrylic effect.


Much like the Windows 11 launch, Microsoft Teams 2.0 will see continuous improvements in the coming months, as has been the wont of Microsoft. Developments happen all the time, as the company sees and knows the value of listening to the end-users’ feedback and comments. Whatever the case may be, it shouldn’t be surprising anymore when Microsoft will announce the latest feature-breakthrough for Microsoft Teams 2.0.  

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