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Embracing Digitalisation
for Professional Services Firms

Embracing Digitalisation for Professional Services Firms

High-knowledge workers to get a boost
from high-impact technologies.

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A myriad of new digital technologies has disrupted the heretofore steady professional services industry. Accounting and legal firms are racing to adapt digital transformation in their services and operations in order to be more efficient and achieve customer satisfaction. This is what is shaking the Professional Services Firms (PSF’s).
The pandemic may be far from over, but the world of professional workers has not slowed down in its efforts to adapt to new digital technologies. Industries continue to research and apply emerging digital methods and technology to make their work more efficient while improving output quality and maximizing profit. These efforts are indispensable in the bid to remain competitive and stay relevant despite the pandemic.
These new technologies, chief among them Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data Analytics, have been envisioned to take over these professionals’ more tedious tasks such as drafting contracts, auditing compliance reviews, detecting fraud, and onboarding. These new technologies reduce errors and the number of hours put into the work. The technological improvements would allow professionals and businesses to focus on servicing clients in higher-margin activities.

The first step PSF’s should take is to conduct an effective digital assessment that would align the businesses’ strategies and objectives with the intended digital investment. There are five things PSFs are encouraged to consider in incorporating digital technologies into their organizations, namely:

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MS Teams
Chat, video conferencing, file sharing are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg with the collaborative features that Teams has to offer your accounting or legal firm to optimise your professional team’s time and work. B2B/B2C
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Robotic Process Automation
Automating work processes enable accountants and lawyers to focus on the more important aspects of their work—such as strengthening client relations. B2B
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Unified Communications
Enable accessibility among your professional team and clients for increased productivity and exceptional customer service. B2B/B2C
Big Data Analytics
Allows efficient client data processing, storage and access for ease of collaboration among attending members of the accounting or legal team. B2B
internet of things
Artificial Intelligence
Optimising AI for PSFs is pretty straightforward as it effectively simplifies tedious and complex processes such as invoicing clients. B2B
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What Digital Transformation will bring to the retail industry

Enhancements in the technology aspect of your retail business would mean a more productive and profit-oriented business. After all, digital transformation is holistic; addressing issues of agility, innovation, data intelligence, customer service, and better value propositions. It will streamline processes, enhance productivity, improve efficiency across the transactional cycle; all the while lowering costs.
Retailers now have to rethink the way they do business in the context of digital transformation. It is important to reframe business strategies and operations in such a way that it will align with the digital technology at their disposal in order to maximize its advantages and apply them to the quality of their output. From product sourcing, inventory planning, employee training, marketing, to generating customer satisfaction; harnessing digital transformation can be the key in improving all these aspects of business and improving performance.
Switch Connect is on the leading edge of these innovative tools, platforms, and systems that are guaranteed to innovate your retail enterprise. The forthcoming uprise in retail transactions whether online or onsite encourages retail businesses to quickly and properly adapt to digital transformation to gain and retain market share position. Let us guide you in the right direction as you harness digital transformation for your business.
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