Enable Business Continuity with Microsoft Teams

Many businesses found themselves at a critical turning point that forced them to adopt the new normal for its recovery. But many businesses shift into reliable technology and platforms that can keep their business’ lights on during emergency situations which minimises the potential for disruptions costing hundreds or thousands of pounds.

The ability to operate your business from anywhere is the ultimate answer. But how about its flexibility and capabilities? Remote working can be challenging too when it comes to collaborations. This is where Microsoft teams will come in.

With Microsoft Teams, you can ensure that your business can remain agile and competitive. Microsoft online services are always on and deliver high availability and reliability at a lower cost.

Why Microsoft Teams?

It is more than just a chat.

Teams provide an out-of-the-box collaboration experience for your organisation, from having a quick or long conversation with the team, sending files straight to the same chat, and doing a video call straight from the chat window.  

Meetings? Don’t Worry.   

Meetings allow you to have an instant or scheduled meeting with 250 up to 1000 participants.

Collaborating on Documents.

Share the document and have your team edit the same document, at the same time making it more like an in-person work session.  

Screen sharing, remote control and whiteboarding

All chats and meetings can share a screen with the other participants. Users can also control the presenter’s desktop remotely with their approval. Whiteboard is also a feature that comes in very handy.   

Recordings and Live captions  

Users can also record their meetings and turn on live captions so all attendees can follow along with easier.

In summary, Microsoft Teams leverage the cloud to provide great remote collaboration. It brings practical continuity plans for most companies.

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