Basic Office Equipment for a Work from Home Setup

Companies provide a lot of the equipment for their employees, whether it be the computer, laptopVoIP business phone or even that coffee machine that provides free refillable beverages. However, these items are only available in the office. ​

Now that most of us are currently working from home, many rely on what is available or what is on their reach to make it through the day. ​

But now that this work from home setup is an option available to many, even if the worst-case scenario of the coronavirus pandemic is over, many need to level-up their home workspace to keep up and make things more conducive. ​

Some multinational companies have announced that they will forgo the office setup. ​

Among these companies that said they would not implement widespread get-back-to-the-office initiative any time soon are Mastercard, American Express and Visa, Inc. ​

With these technology and financial firms taking the initiative, sure many other companies will follow their lead. ​

The work from home trend is made possible by office-grade communication tools spawning out from the woodworks. Among these original office collaboration tools is Microsoft Teams. We can also attribute its rise to the business VoIP technology, making it buttery smooth for companies to work together even if their staff are not physically in the same room. ​

From here on, we will have a series of feature articles highlighting how we can make home office setup more conducive and comfortable in creative ways. ​

With that, we will start with the barebone basic of what we need for a home office workplace: ​

1.     Office Desk ​

At the office, the desk is the sign that you make in the company, it is your workstation, and the same can be said if working from home. Also, as anyone would personalise their own desk in the office, it is even more permitted to work from home setup to customise it anyway it can be. One can go a step further by having a standing desk or having a contraption that will allow a desktop to be mounted for those who prefer standing up while working. ​

2.     Comfortable Office Chair ​

As for those who want to take things sitting down, a comfortable chair is always welcome. One can even take a pick from the variety of office chairs out there, like the executive chair, junior executive chair and the simple one that only has wheels. The chair it a sort of throne, but unlike a hardy royal cathedra, comfort is the name of the game when it comes to office chairs. But since it is a work from home setup, one can even go overboard and have a gaming chair. ​

3.     Computer setup ​

The computer is the brain of the workstation. This is where everything happens, whether for graphic artists, writers, admin workers or even managers. It is now an indispensable tool. Screen time is even now the barometer of how productive one can be. What is more fun is how anyone can customise their respective computer setup. Here is where someone’s unique personality can shine. Some can go for a minimalist, with just a simple laptop over the desk setup, or have a multiple computer screen arrangement. ​

4.     Speaker ​

This is an item that will be frown over under the normal office situation. Everyone has their own cup of tea; not all are in agreement. But under the home office setup, having a speaker is a welcome development, as this adds a new dimension to communicating with colleagues. Having a headset could be not for everyone, but a speaker works better in a home workstation to still be aware of the surroundings. ​

5.     Computer Mouse ​

This could be the most underrated item on this list, but it is an especially critical component of the bunch. Imagine trying to use those cellphones with tactile keyboards with only a number keypads after getting used to the touch screen smartphone. Having no computer mouse is infinitely more cumbersome and even gruesome. It was a game-changer when it was introduced. ​

Another item underrated and still associated with the computer mouse is the computer mouse pad  with wrist support. ​

The synoptic here is do not leave anything to chance, and this article is meant to prepare everyone for the long haul. We are all in this together, whether we like it or not. The more we get ready for the road ahead, the more productive we can be, even in a work from home arrangement. ​

If it is not yet clear, many of the tips mentioned are designed to keep everyone on their toes and prevent any occupational hazard that may be encountered; it does not mean that if no one is working in the office, that we are no longer be in peril. ​

Take, for example, the use of a computer mouse pad with wrist support. In the long run, working with no wrist support may result in carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), which is common with e-sports athletes and even graphics design artists. ​

Seating for more than 30 minutes has its adverse effects. So too is standing for some period of time. The key is to have an equilibrium and it does not mean we are not at the office; we no longer need to aim for the work-life balance. ​

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