Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions with Microsoft Teams in 2022

“New year, new you.” This is the usual tagline we can hear and read every year in January. People set themselves a goal to get better, healthier, and greater from the past years as part of their new year’s resolutions. Do you know that your company or business, whether you are an SME or a large company, can have the same resolutions too? To get better, healthier, and more significant.    

Actually, not all companies are ready to head back into their large offices this 2022. As businesses have coped with the pandemic, they trust and rely on collaboration tools that also tested its reliability during the lockdowns. For most businesses and companies, their employees will continue practicing the “work from home” or “remote” setup as they have already resolved the productivity issues by having Microsoft Teams!   

Microsoft Teams is already serving companies and businesses since 2017. Its level of change and improvements continues to make itself a standard for other mainstream collaboration tools. Even before the pandemic, companies have continued to expand their human resources across the world, reaching high-performing individuals or teams that make a huge advantage over their competitors.  

Microsoft Teams global users rose from 20 million users in November 2019 to 75 million by April 2020, then 145 million daily active users in Q4 of the year 2021. Its usage growth surpassed Zoom in February, according to digital management company Aternity. This means that there’s no better time to adapt and make the transition to Microsoft teams to bring the best in your business. Its robustness doesn’t just lie in collaboration and communication purposes, but the ability to bring organisations with the automated flow. 

How Microsoft Teams Help You Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolution


Microsoft Teams allows businesses to upgrade and expand anytime, anywhere. With no additional hardware cost, It’s the best cost-efficient solution for businesses. You only pay for the services you only need.  

Empower Collaboration  

Increase your team’s productivity and save a lot of time with this capability. Everyone in your group can work together on the same documents in real-time. Empowering and Facilitating teamwork is a huge relief as it also eliminates the redundancy of the use of emails for internal communication.   

On-the-go Communication 

Keep in touch with everyone around the globe anytime, anywhere. Microsoft Teams mobile app has all the features you need to maximise communication and collaboration. Stay reachable and have access to all your resources like apps and documents.  

Business phone systems can also replace with a managed cloud service. It provides PBX business calling functionality within office 365. Users will have the ability to place, receive, hold, retrieve and forward calls.  

Keep your business in the loop even you’re on the move. 

Interactive and Flexible Meetings 

Meetings via Teams make the experience so much easier and more fun. Actually, it’s one of the most interactive and effective experiences.  

If you’re doing a home office, a background image can be enabled to save you from finding the right spot for a meeting. Meetings with Teams also has a screen sharing feature that allows you to go overboard your presentations and close more deals virtually.   

Its together mode also allows users to feel more reachable and engage with fun during a virtual meeting.  

Microsoft Teams also sync with the outlook calendar that automatically notifies you and appears. 

Organised Workspace 

Keep your workspace well-organised. Microsoft Teams allows you to create teams for each department or project of your company. You can also create multiple channels for an effective collaboration that you can invite those right people to work their duties on the common tasks. All data will be stored and visible to specified channels or individuals.  

Office Suite and Third-Party App Integration 

Microsoft Teams is more than just a communication app. Microsoft Teams allows you to integrate third-party applications within the same platform that you use the most.  

Security and Compliance 

Since Microsoft Teams is built office 365 enterprise-grade cloud, the level of security and compliance are powerful and robust. Additionally, multi-factor authentication is engaged, which makes every access secured and protected.   

Communication, chats, attachments, retention policies, Data Loss Protection(DLP), eDiscovery and legal for channels, chats and files, audit log search, and mobile application management has added security and compliance.   


What is New Year’s Resolution for you? 

 New Year’s Resolution is not identified by hearsay or suggestions. Your resolution starts with you.  Yes. YOU. Since all our resolution is to be greater than ever, you must spot the problems within your system, find a solution, then practice the resolution. Believe. Start. Consistency will be the key.  

If you want to empower your 2022 with an elevated level of teamwork, increase collaboration, and be reachable worldwide, support remote working, Microsoft Teams is the right tool for your business. Microsoft Teams is a platform that puts together all the tools you need for your organisation.   

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