5 Important Tips for Safe and Effective Meetings with Microsoft Teams

Online meetings are becoming more and more popular, as they allow people to connect from anywhere in the world. However, a few things to keep in mind to ensure that these meetings are safe and effective. 

Here Are Five Tops for Enabling Safe and Effective Microsoft Teams

1. Confidently execute any meetings using the meeting option to adjust pre-meeting settings. 

As the great Alexander Graham Bell said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” this also covers our meetings and presentations. Microsoft Teams feature gives us the ability and option to adjust settings before meetings. Thus, making it convenient to navigate through the forum and saving us from the awkward silence of changing settings while in the middle of the conference.  

Efficiently schedule and organise meetings with these valuable features such as automatic recordings, access control for presentations and bypassing the lobby. Aside from this, the enabling and disabling mic and camera use for your attendees. These pre-meeting settings are a perfect tool for focused listening or encouraging participation. 

 To use this function in your meetings, go to your Teams and open the “Calendar”, and create a “New Meeting”. Once opened in the top right of the page, click on “Meeting options”, and a pop-up window with all the options will appear. This is also available in the Outlook calendar in the “Meeting” tab, under it is where you can find the same “Meeting Options”. However, keep in mind that your IT department sets defaults. 

2. Keep things in control with in-meeting controls. 

Disruptions can happen anytime, especially during important meetings. Manage distractions with ease by enabling or disabling the participant’s camera and microphone. 

This new feature is handy for removing distractions from someone’s audio or video, keeping your meetings productive by limiting disruption. 

In-meeting controls can set this feature by clicking “More actions” or the ellipses next to the attendee’s name and selecting the action. 

3. Manage Tasks effectively with Delegating Roles 

Organising many attendees can immensely be challenging all on your own; that is why immediately promoting a meeting attendee, which can be your trusted team member, to a presenter can be practical.  

You can find this access on the ellipses next to the attendee’s name and then select the option to “Make a presenter”.  

Aside from this is the “co-organiser” function, which will be available soon. It modifies the participant’s role into the fullest part, having almost all the capabilities of the organiser. 

4. Limit One-Time Participants Access from Meeting Series or Chat  

As the project expands, having weekly meetings with a guest attendee is common; however, gaining access to content and chat history should be confidential. 

Set control by removing one-time participants from Teams calendar or Outlook calendar participants list. Open the meeting you want to fix and remove the participant from the list; click the “X” button beside their name. 

Once removed, they will still be able to access all meeting information and chat history from when they were included in the meeting but will not see anything new. 

5. Efficiently wrap up video teleconference by ending the meeting. 

Lastly, to finish strong, one must end it gracefully. Sometimes, participants stay around in the call to ask further questions, but often than that, some just might not have noticed the meeting has already ended—this happens especially for more extensive presentations – such as briefings or lectures.  

For this situation, the “End Meeting” will be a highly functional feature. Instead of waiting for everyone to leave, efficiently wrap up video teleconference by ending the meeting for everyone. Do it by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the “Leave” button and selecting the “End meeting”. Upon confirmation, the meeting will end right away.

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